Hi, I’m Laurie.

I’m a learning designer, online course creator and project manager.

I design, develop and deliver online courses based on what learning science tells us really works in learning. Over the last 20 years I’ve done this with L&D teams, trainers, course creators, startups, and educational publishers.

I’m Digital Learning Director at Corporate Visions, where we’re creating training programs that transform sales and marketing conversations using insights from neuroscience and decision science โ€“ much of it through our own original research.

I’m the co-founder of aย learning agency, producer and co-host of aย learning design podcastย and run anย independent record label.

I’ve been working in learning and tech since 1996, as a teacher, entrepreneur, publisher and agency owner.

I’ve developed learning experiences and content for clients including the British Council, Cambridge Assessment, Rosetta Stone, Nikkei-Financial Times, Corporate Visions, Oxford University Press, Automation Anywhere, Pearson, the Malaysian government, ITN Productions and many more.

I’m based near Cambridge, UK.

Let’s connect on Twitter or LinkedIn, or drop me an email.