‘Learning’ is just another experience

Apparently, this guy doesn’t actually have a brain 🤯

But experiments have shown that even sea slugs can learn – changing their behaviour permanently in response to stimuli.

When we learn, we’re adapting to our environment – whether we’re a sea slug trying to survive on the ocean floor or a human seeking a happy and meaningful life in a turbulent and rapidly changing society.

And in the process of learning we rewire our brains, changing who we are and how we interact with the world around us.

What sets humans apart is that we often learn in order to adapt to a possible future environment. We acquire knowledge and develop skills to give our future selves a helping hand.

So learning is about a lot more than information going into brains(otherwise, how could our brainless sea slug friend learn?) Learning is the result of what we experience through interacting with other people and the world around us – whether it’s something we think of as ‘learning’ or not. And in that sense, an online course is just another experience.

So, when we create online courses, our goal isn’t to share information (a book or a blog post can do that just fine) or push knowledge into other people’s brains. It’s to design an experience that equips them to adapt to a possible future.